Welcome to Edu ved

‘EDUVED’ combines the world of education and learning. As the name has ‘EDU’ which has been taken from the word education and the word ‘VED’ has been taken from Hindu mythological scriptures which means knowledge. Keeping both aspects in mind, the word ‘EDUVED’ has been created. EDUVED has been aimed at fostering the exchange of applied research among the interdisciplinary domains of researchers and academics throughout the world. It also aims to stimulate discourse on emerging research paradigms and fosters networking within various research groups.

EDUVED is into publication of world-class journals of which International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research (IJIDR) is the first one to its esteemed readers and contributors . IJIDR is focused to disseminate knowledge, which ensures good practice of professional management, research and reflections relevant to academicians and practicing managers. IJIDR enjoys an international network of professionals, academicians, researchers, thinkers, educationists, subscribers and readership base.